Many web hosting companies won’t want to admit it, but not all servers are equal. At Bear Creek Web, we had the foresight to strategically locate our servers at some of the most reliable data centers on the West Coast. Our web hosting servers are built around high-end, name-brand equipment and we do everything humanly possible to maximize our performance, our uptime, and your security.

Our difference

When the goal is to provide results for our clients, the question is never how to do it cheaper; it’s how to do it better. So while other web hosting companies keep their hardware and software costs to a minimum and share resources among as many customers as possible, our philosophy is different. We do what makes sense for our clients.

For example, we strictly enforce a maximum of no more than 30 sites on one web server. And we’re constantly on the lookout for new hardware and software that will increase our clients’ security and the performance of their web sites.

Our commitment to superior quality web hosting and email hosting gives our clients a distinct advantage in online community-building as well as in the competition for page views, repeat visitors and conversions.

We’re here for you

In addition to hosting, we provide the following services:

    • Managed DNS
    • Unlimited support for CMS
    • CMS software upgrades
    • Core software (PHP or Windows) upgrades
    • Plug-in management and upgrades
    • Firewall management
    • Monthly malware sweep
    • Uptime monitor
    • User permission management
    • Daily Website / Database backup
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