Your website is an investment in the growth and prosperity of your business. And like any investment, your website will perform best when it is successfully managed.Practical web analytics gives you the edge over your competition by providing you with valuable information about how well your website performs.

Once you know how well your website brings in leads and sales in conjunction with your online marketing initiatives, you can begin to optimize and scale up those tactics that work (and get rid of those that don’t).

When you partner with Bear Creek Web for your web analytics management, we will come up with a customized analytics blueprint designed specifically for your business. In it, we cover which metrics to track, how often to track them, and what these metrics mean to your bottom line.

Once the tracking is in place, we’ll provide you with regular updates along with key insights tied to your data and recommendations for improving your website’s performance.

For advanced analytics projects, we take this insight a step further, crafting custom A/B tests to improve conversions and reduce drop-offs from your sales and lead generation funnels.

Some of our techniques include:

Clickstream analysis

How do your visitors get from your landing page to your shopping cart? How many clicks does it take to go from “new visitor” to “new prospect” and where do most visitors drop out of the funnel? Which pages on your site suffer most from user abandonment and lack of engagement?

Our clickstream analysis service answers these questions and many more, by illuminating the key paths of your website that lead to form completions and sales.

A sudden drop-off at any step in these key paths is a prime candidate for optimization, and working with us to find and fix the user experience on these pages can improve your conversion rates significantly.

Conversion ratio

Are you getting enough visitors to satisfy your sales goals? Conversion ratio analysis measures the number of visitors to your site along with your conversion rates on key pages to give you solid numbers on just how many visitors you need to meet your sales goals for a given month.

After establishing baseline conversion and visitor rates, we work with you to come up with an optimization plan that will increase your conversion ratio over time, allowing you to make more sales with fewer website visitors – effectively increasing the value of your website visitors and leads.

Key website statistics reporting

Which metrics actually matter when it comes to improving your bottom line? The answer can vary between businesses, websites, company goals and more. Our analytics services provide insight into the metrics that matter most, including:

  • Tracking of real-time website statistics such as new visitors, returning visitors, page views etc.
  • Comprehensive search engine and search term analysis
  • Pay-per-click conversion tracking and revenue
  • Tracking of which search engines and key words drive the most traffic.
  • Keyword analysis to use for search engine optimization and search engine placement analysis.
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