5 Ways Responsive Web Design Can Improve Conversions

Mobile users are action-takers. According to a survey by iAcquire, 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within 60 minutes – that is, as long as your website is mobile-friendly. If not, 40% of the people who look at your website will choose another result. With the ongoing prevalence of mobile showing no signs of stopping, it’s critical that your business website incorporates a responsive design to bring in new customers and keep existing ones.

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What is Responsive Mobile Web Design?

As the name implies, a responsive design responds to the device the site is being viewed on and displays a page appropriately formatted for that device. It often times will also include a ‘click to call’ link at the very top of the page when viewed on a phone.

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Adaptive Web Design vs. Responsive Web Design

It's official: the Age of Mobile has arrived. Last year, 58% of smartphone users engaged in multiple online sessions per day on their mobile devices. With so many people using their smartphones to access mobile content repeatedly throughout the day, businesses no longer have the luxury of asking "if" they should implement a mobile website.

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Mobile Website Design

I just spent an incredible week in Boston with Digital Master Mind, and attending InBound 2012, and all I can say is wow. There's so much I want to tell you about; it's hard to know where to start. The buzz around mobile computing was so huge and so tangible though, I really want to talk about that.

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