6 Ways to Integrate Web Design & Digital Marketing – Part 2

In our last post, we discussed three ways to incorporate web design into your digital marketing strategy. In this post, we take it a step further and pinpoint specific elements of web design that directly impact digital marketing success.

Draw Attention to Your CTAs

A good call to action should provide a clear benefit while also drawing the attention of your visitors. An obvious design consideration for your CTAs the color, but there are other aspects to test such as the placement on the page and the wording of the CTA itself.

Understand that contrast may be more important than the individual color itself, and don’t be afraid to try different layouts as well. Often, the white space to isolate your CTA is a useful means to focus attention on the action you want your website visitors to take.

Incorporate Landing Page Elements Across Your Website

When designing a site, many businesses choose to create a small number of landing pages where traffic can be directed. These landing pages are highly optimized for conversions, but the rest of the site often does not receive the same attention when it comes to conversion-based design.

Optimizing design elements from your landing page for use on your website can help you to prime for conversions. For example, exit-intent based popups do not have to be restricted to landing pages and can be customized based on the area of your website where visitors are leaving. Including prominent CTAs and opt-in incentives where appropriate will increase overall conversions and not just on your landing pages.

Integrate Marketing Data into Your Design-Based A/B testing

While most online businesses understand the importance of A/B testing, many choose what to test based on instinct. However, to truly run effective testing it is vital you use marketing data to discern what to test. From a design perspective, marketing data can be gathered using heat maps, analytics, and surveys. You then use this data to provide relevant content with a clear focus and a distinct action that you want visitors to take with minimal distractions.

In short, great web design is a vital part of digital marketing, with less room for error as audiences continue to mature. Regardless of your eye for design, how you present yourself online must be considered at every part of the sales process. By incorporating each of these six items we’ve discussed, you can provide the optimal experience your users on all platforms.

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