Digital Agency Bear Creek Web Achieves Rare Honor as Member of Digital Mastermind

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 18, 2012 — Seattle area-based web design and development agency Bear Creek Web ( achieved a rare distinction earlier this month when it was accepted as a member of Digital Mastermind, a highly exclusive national organization for award-winning digital agencies.

“Only 45 digital agencies in the U.S. have been invited to participate in this group,” said Bear Creek Web principal Kevin Mayer, “and we are proud and gratified to be among them.”

The group takes its name from the Napoleon Hill concept of the Mastermind as a “third, intangible force” that is created when two or more minds come together “for the attainment of a definite purpose,” as presented in Hill’s seminal 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.

The definite purpose in this case is to transform successful design and development firms such as Bear Creek Web into full-service digital marketing agencies that are capable of delivering a full breadth of marketing services as well as the spectacularly appealing, high-functioning websites they are known for.

“This is a vital endeavor in our industry right now,” stated Mayer, “as more and more, we see customers no longer wanting to contract their website to one company and their digital marketing to another. They need one company that understands the requirements of both, and we intend to be that company.”

Mayer expects that Bear Creek Web’s membership in Digital Mastermind will provide important benefits for his current and future customers. “They can be assured that we will remain at the forefront of digital agencies with cutting-edge design, impeccable programming, and marketing ideas that produce results,” he said.

Digital Mastermind was formed by Jeff Kline and Ian Hartten, CEOs of agencies based in Charlotte, NC and Toledo, OH respectively, as a forum for advice, discussion, and idea sharing among industry peers who are hungry for knowledge and eager to share knowledge with others. The group engages in six webinars per year plus two live meetings that are held in conjunction with other large industry events. The latest meeting took place at the 2012 Inbound Conference in Boston, Mass., August 27–30. The group also hosts a 58-member strong LinkedIn Group that’s been active since April of this year.

While Mayer’s experience with computers goes back to the 1980s, he formed Bear Creek Web in 1995 to help companies realize the full power of the Internet as a communications medium. Since then, Bear Creek Web has been serving as digital agency for a roster of national clients that include such notable organizations as The Moyer Foundation, created by Major League pitcher Jamie Moyer, and GoAhead Software, a division of Oracle.

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