Comprehensive Website Redesign Planning Guide Coming Soon

Here at Bear Creek Web, we’ve helped businesses and professionals in all types of industries create the perfect website to represent their brand. Through multiple consultations, Q&A sessions, and project implementations, we’ve seen companies face many of the same challenges when it comes to planning exactly what they need.

Website redesign questions abound

  • What sort of layout should we have?
  • Which pages do we need to include from the old site?
  • Do we need to add new pages?
  • Is our current navigation structure (sitemap) optimized and organized properly?
  • What about the mobile version of our site?
  • Since we are redesigning our website, should we update our brand / logo?
  • Do we need to rebrand entirely?

And the biggest, most important question of all…

How do we make sure our redesign actually improves sales?

The process of completely overhauling an entire business website requires multiple aspects of web design to work together. Blending together the marketing expertise with the technical, design, and content requirements can quickly become overwhelming without an established roadmap in place.

That’s Where Our New Website Redesign Guide Comes In

While not every business needs or can afford professional design services, everyone can benefit from a good redesign roadmap to follow – so we’re sharing ours with the world.

In the next few weeks, we’ll have the full website redesign guide available for download on our site. In it, we cover:

  • The Four Phases of Successful Web Design
  • Building Customer Personas
  • Articulating Your UVP
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Content & Conversions
  • Articulating Your Needs to Your Digital Agency Partner

If you follow this guide from start to finish, at the end you will have all the tools you need to create an effective design for your website that will attract new customers, boost sales, and increase conversion rates overall.

Interested in jumping to the front of the line?

Send us a note and we’ll email you the guide as soon as it comes out!

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