Strategies for a Stellar Website Redesign – Part 1: Goal Setting

When we first created our website redesign guide, our goal was to provide the most comprehensive guide imaginable for companies and professionals in the midst of redesigning a website.

However, what we found as we worked with our own clients and partners is that while a comprehensive guide provides a lot of useful information, it’s not always helpful when it comes to taking action.

Instead it can lead to “analysis paralysis” which is not what companies need when facing hard deadlines and competing project timelines.

This new series is designed to provide a framework of actionable steps for anyone who needs to redesign a website.

Why Do You Want to Redesign Your Site?

For many of our clients, the reason behind a redesign falls into one of these categories:

  1. The old site is no longer an accurate reflection of the company brand.
  2. The site content is outdated
  3. The old site is not as optimized for search as the competition.
  4. The old site is not mobile enabled and you’re losing potential clients

Regardless of the particular scenario, the need to successfully compete in a crowded market is the underlying factor that ultimately drives the decision to redesign the website.

With that in mind, it makes sense to lay some practical groundwork at the beginning of the redesign process. This makes it easier to evaluate the various choices that will come up, and to choose the right one based on the goals of the project. With that in mind, the next important question to answer is:

What Are Your Goals for Your Online Presence?

Some companies use their websites for lead generation. Others use to sell products or services, and still others use their website as a sort of “digital brochure” whose primary purpose is for branding.

Understanding how your website will factor into your overall marketing strategy is an important first step to a successful redesign. It also helps to inform what kinds of functionality will be required to suit the needs of your business.

Start out by making a list of what you want your website to accomplish. An example:

  1. I want my website to make it easy for people to get in touch with us for custom services.
  2. I want my website to give prospects enough info on our company’s services to answer common questions.
  3. I want my website to make it easy for people to order standard services directly.
  4. I want my website to be easy to update by members of my staff.
  5. Most importantly, I want my website to be compelling enough that that well-qualified prospects take the next step and contact us via phone or email.

Once you have your list of requirements, prioritize those requirements in order of importance to the success of your organization. In the example above, if you decide the most important thing for your website to accomplish is to be “compelling enough that that prospect takes the next step and contacts us via phone or email”, then our team can take it from there and lead you through our proven path to success.

Who will be Responsible for Final Decisions?

Redesigning a website is often a team effort. At Bear Creek Web, we have a team of designers, developers, writers, and marketers that are the best in the industry. However, you won’t be bounced around from one person to the next as we always have one central point of contact; the Project Manager.

On the client end, we also recommend having one point of contact to manage the team process and build consensus.


At Bear Creek Web, we are happy to help lay the groundwork for a successful web design project for those who need a little more assistance to get started. Contact us to get an evaluation of your website and guidance on how to begin your next website redesign.

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