Web Design Tips for Seattle Lawyers

Legal websites are a unique challenge. On the one hand, it’s imperative to strike a balance between engaging and informative in order to attract and retain the right audience. On the other hand, legal websites have to adhere to advertising laws and very specific language that must be included to avoid liability for providing legal advice – language that can be off-putting to the casual reader.

Adding to the complexity is the need for professional visuals, while at the same time not overwhelming website visitors with too many graphics, buttons and forms.

To help make your Seattle legal firm present the best face to the public, here are our top web design tips:

Keep it Simple

In most instances, the people who need your services will not understand complicated legal jargon. Use the language and wording that your clients use to describe their problems and you’ll come out on top in two areas:

  1. You’ll be more likely to create the kind of content that resonates with your audience. This leads to less confusion, greater trust, and better results overall.
  2. You’ll use words and phrases in your writing that your target audience uses when searching for solutions to their problems – which means a greater likelihood of being found by the people who need your services.

Be Genuine

For many legal specialties, clients are often emotional about the issues that spur them to seek legal help. Coming across as personable, genuine and caring can make all the difference in winning the trust of these types of clients right off the bat.

And even for those specialties that don’t have an overly emotional investment, a pleasant and professional voice still lends credibility from the onset.

Provide Examples of Results

While past results can’t be used as a guarantee of success for any future case, they do provide important examples of expertise and experience.

For legal issues that may go to trial – personal injury, DWI, etc. – having a basic description of cases won on your site may influence potential clients in similar circumstances to take the next step.

Give Relevant Information

The internet has generated a new era of consumer empowerment, and this extends to individuals looking for reputable legal services. A great deal of online research often happens well before a potential client decides to schedule a consultation.

Getting in front of individuals when they are in this “questioning” phase can have multiple benefits.

In particular, by having relevant information that covers the most common questions you get from potential clients, you can begin to build trust before you ever speak to an individual on the phone.

The more useful the information, the more likely you are to stand out from the competition when the time comes to make a decision about who to call or email.

Invite a Conversation

Even the best designed websites can lead to subpar results if law firms fail to continue the conversation beyond articles and blog posts. Simple, fast loading contact forms are a must. Mobile friendly sites with click to call functionality are also a wise investment.

In the age of instant internet gratification, removing as many obstacles to continuing a conversation is not just smart, but essential.

Need a website redesign for your Seattle law firm? We can help.

Bear Creek Web has decades of experience in creating engaging web design for law firms and companies of all types. Talk to us today and schedule a consultation to improve your online presence.

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